Saturday, December 13, 2008

Slow down the aging process with this lifestyle for women

Tip 1: Use sun block
Aside from muscle motion, ultraviolet radiation (UV rays) contained in sunlight is also a cause of wrinkles and other signs of ageing to the skin. These rays have a number of harmful effects, including the break-down of collagen and elastin fibres and, over the years this damage leads to wrinkle formation, discolouration of the skin, poor skin texture and, in some cases, the formation of skin cancers. To protect against the effect of UV rays, you need to use a protective cream or lotion, at least SPF 30, every day.

Tip 2: Beat stress
Stress, whether physical or emotional, affects our hormonal systems and, as a consequence, increases inflammation at a cellular level. These prolonged periods of elevated hormones and inflammation, caused by stress, are damaging and can lead to premature ageing. For this reason it's important to minimise stress in our lives or, if this is not possible, learn to manage it.

Tip 3: Exercise regularly
Whether it's joining a gym, swimming, jogging or just brisk walking, any form of exercise keeps your body active and youthful. It improves the circulation, which delivers oxygen around the body, so we feel more energetic. It also helps keep our muscles toned, helping our bodies to stay youthful and attractive.

Tip 4: Get your beauty sleep
Sleep is a restorative process. It rejuvenates and energises the body and brain. Our immune systems are recharged. Cells grow and repair themselves, and our bodies conserve energy. What's more, sleep is simple and free. So get at least 7 to 8 hours each night of pure, uninterrupted sleep.

Tip 5: Eat healthy
Increase your intake of fresh fruit and vegetables. Strawberries, blueberries, grapefruit, oranges, spinach, broccoli and tomatoes are all great sources of youth-preserving vitamins and can help fight the damage caused by free radicals. Eat about 5 to 7 servings a day. Here are some examples of a single serving size: one medium-size piece of fruit, 3/4 cup of fruit or vegetable juice, one cup of raw, leafy vegetables or 1/4 cup dried fruit.

Tip 6: Stick to a beauty regimeS
tick to your morning and night-time beauty regime diligently. Every morning, use a cleanser, toner, and moisturiser with at least SPF 30 protection. At night SPF protection is not needed but it's advisable to choose a richer moisturiser. Think of these products as long-term maintenance for your skin.

Tip 7: Choose skin care products carefully
You may have to do a little research and experimentation to find the skin care products that best suits your skin. Some of the ingredients used in skincare products, such as alcohol and fragrances can be irritating for some skins. If you have any doubts or concerns about skincare products, consult a dermatologist.

Tip 8: Pre-empt ageing
Fine lines, crow's feet, dull skin and rough skin are subtle signs of ageing. You can nip them in the bud with the help of a doctor. Ask for advice from a qualified doctor about preventive and refining treatments.

Tip 9: Liquids, Liquids, Liquids
For your skin (and indeed your whole body) the most important liquid is water. It cleanses away cell waste, blood poisons and environmental toxins from the body. Besides plain water, drink plenty of freshly squeezed fruit juices, herbal teas and the occasional wheatgrass juice. Many natural juices and teas are rich in antioxidants which can help counteract the effects of ageing on your body.

Tip 10: Breathe properly
Learn to breathe deeply and calmly, instead of taking rapid sips of air. This will help you feel more relaxed and increase the amount of oxygen in your bloodstream, giving you more energy and increasing your mental focus. And you'll feel fresher too!

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